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49ers Tickets: WANT/SELL

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Jim, if you're still interested check your PM.

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Originally posted by domthedumb:
I've got one ticket. Upper Reserve. Section 58. I'm just looking to unload it. $30. I can give you the ticket at the game during pre-game tailgating.

Text me 909-519-7944

man I'd jump all over this if I wasn't so broke
Originally posted by Lonely49erFan:
Check your PM Jim.

left you my info in a pm. Jim
49ers Falcons

LR Section 8, Row 8, only a few seats from the aisle.

$185 for BOTH TICKETS e-mailed if you're paypal verified.

$180 if you're going to pick up near the San Jose Area.

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anyone have one ticket?
still looking for one ticket. PM ME if you have one for sale
good luck jim. I have 6 great seats to the titans game if you're interested.
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$25 for my single seat; email upon paypal rec!

Section UR51, Row 11, Seat 4
  • Aroh
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^^I might actually be interested in those Titans' tickets. I'm coming to San Fran Nov7th-11th with 3 other friends and I would love to go and see a live niners game. The only problem is that we don't really want to pay that much...
I have two nice tickets/seats for the 49ers vs Tenn game that I can't make. Lower Box Sec 22 (5 to 10 yardline) 13 rows up. Parking Pass as well. PM me.

I need two tickets to the Monday night game against Arizona.

Between the 20's if possible.

PM me.
  • xthetruthx21
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Want: 5 Tickets 49ers Bears Game

email me at
Looking for 4 tickets to the Jaguars game on 11/29, who's gonna hook me up?
Looking for 2 Tickets vs. the Tards.


or PM me!!!

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I need two tickets to the Monday night game Dec. 14. Looking for tickets in sec. 14, 16, 18, 20, 29, 31, 33, 35 only. If you have these tickets please pm me. Thanks.
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