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49ers Tickets: WANT/SELL

Originally posted by wesg63:
what about lower sections 4 and 6. Looking at LB 4 row y? Should i be able get a good view of mostly everything?

those are great sections that face the jumbotron and give you a great view of the field. I'm selling my tickets in lower box section 2 if you are intrerested
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Originally posted by jdt84_2:
Selling Mt parking passes for the seaon. $60 plus shipping.

Only 2 not available cardinals and falcons.

Packers game still available?
Originally posted by olapac:
Packers game still available?

should i go to the Colts game or the Texans on sunday night?
Packer tickets anyone got two they wanting to sell?
Originally posted by jdt84_2:
Originally posted by olapac:
Packers game still available?


Sent you a PM. Thanks.
Lower section
Row 6
40 yard line
Aisle seats
4 tickets

All games available right now.
PM me
Face value $179. expect to pay less for pre-season tickets and more for regular games.
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Hi all

I travelling from New Zealand to the UK for Christmas but having a few days in San Francisco on route.

I would love to go to the Seattle game on Sunday 8th Dec but ideally looking to join up with someone to experience your tailgating etc pre-game as well as a ticket if anyone doesn't mind me tagging along?

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I have ONE ticket to EACH preseason game....asking $50. Will e-mail the tickets. NONAME knows I'm legit.

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Bump....I have ONE TICKET to EACH preseason game....UR Section 5, Row 23, Seat 25. Asking $50 TOTAL for BOTH tickets....Remember, ONE TICKET to EACH 49ers PRESEASON home game....PM me.
Selling two tickets to the season opener
From what I can see, they're the cheapest tickets you will find anywhere
-- see below for info:

UR 61
Row #8
Seat 5 & 6
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2 tix and parking for this weeks game for sale. Great seats - 18 rows from field on the sideline.

Will have to overnight them to you from so cal. Make me an offer via pm. Thanks.
Selling my pair of tickets for this week's game. UB26, Row B (close to UB24). Asking $250 for the pair and will throw in a couple of Fan Fest tickets (in LE33) as well. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
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I have ONE ticket to EACH preseason game...UR Section 5, Row 23, Seat 25. Asking $30 total for BOTH tickets (ONE FOR EACH GAME). Paypal. PM me here if interested. For reference, ask NONAME...I am a legit seller who won't scam you.
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