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Battle vs. Zeigler - Finish The Fight!

Battle vs. Zeigler - Finish The Fight!

Originally posted by ezrider:
We're carrying 5 WRs and they ain't among them.

I don't see us having 6 unless we need battle to return punts or kicks whatever he does
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by darkknight49:
you know, everyone keeps mentioning Battle/Robinson/whoever else in wildcat/option plays. When have the niners ever used them in that regard? McCarthy, Turner, Hostler, Martz - none have used the option play.

Just because they haven't, doesn't mean they won't in the future. But I see your logic. I just posted the pros and cons of each player and backed away from the keyboard.

yea, i keep hoping they'll use em in that fashion but it just never happens. The only thing the niner's have done is a direct snap. Maybe Raye will do something this year.
Originally posted by 49erFaithful:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by IWantWinners:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Originally posted by IWantWinners:
Originally posted by kronik:
What makes you think we will keep 6 WR's in a run heavy offense? I think they are both gone.


Battle = goner
Z = practice squad again

I honestly think we can squeeze a 5th round out of the Rams or Seahawks for Battle. Do it.

And now you actually ARE discussing it.

Dude, you are just special.

I am discussing how to trade Battle not how "good" he is.

Trade his butt to the Rams or Seahawks for a 5th. They both need a WR and Battle can be their informant.


Didn't Zeigler use up his practice squad eligibility? I could have sworn he was on there 2 years.
Maiocco stated recently that Z can go on the P-squad. That's good enough for me.

(at the bottom in the comments section)
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i guess i'm the only one of the zone that would like to see us keep 6 WR's with battle.. he's been our most productive receiver when healthy and has been our highs and lows with our franchise.. it would a shame to cut him now when we have assembled a playoff caliber team, especially when he's at 100%.. it wouldn't hurt to cut another unproven player for arnaz battle

there is a topic about two players who won't make the team this year

god the off season is boring
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Originally posted by Watchutalkinbout:
I don't go at all on potential ------ it is solely by what have you done and what can you do for the team to give us the best chance to see the playoffs. Battle has been dependable and is more experienced. He blocks better and he can return punts in case our aging ace Rossum gets hurt. Hands down it has to be A Battle IMHO.
Battle has been our only consistent WR year in year out through those terrible seasons. Ziegler hasnt proven anything. if its one or the other, Battle has earned the right to stay.
Sorry, but its time for batte to go. Zeig should get the spot...and if he doesn't produce, we will replace him next year. Trust me, it wont be that hard.

Originally posted by IWantWinners:
i'd rather

then to discuss these two

Why? They're on our team, and they're players who can contribute. You really think a team is as good as its superstars, huh? Big Arm QBs, first round WRs, and anyone else that ESPN talks about
battle hands down
I don't think either will make the team but I don't see Arnaz being with the team that much longer. I think once Crabtree is fully healthy and on the field, Arnaz will be traded or even released.
Originally posted by IWantWinners:
i'd rather

then to discuss these two

Can we start a thread on Hill vs. Zeigler? I mean, it's not like Hill is lighting the world on fire and we should automatically assume that he will be one of the top 5 WR's, or even make this team.

Maybe the 6.0 yards per catch in his last three games (8 catches for 48 yards) is sexy to some people, but am I missing something here?

At least Battle has proven year-in, year-out that he can play the game. What has Hill done to warrant a free pass on the roster next season?
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