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ESPN Sportsnation gives the 9ers an A for the draft

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If we are getting graded just on the Draft then I think an A- or B+ is correct but if we include undrafted rookies then with no doubt then an A-... I have high hopes for Alex Boone. Besides Boone's personal life this guy is a two time All-Big 10 selection, also a Two Time All-Ohio selection. This guy is a hidden gem and giving this guy a shot will make Singletary and staff look great.
i only see 1 F! guess who hahahaha
LOL, at the Raiders F grade. If they would have taken Crabs it would have been a B grade by default.
I am not surprised the niners got high marks for the draft. Eric Davis, who is one smart dude thinks so too. I got the same impression after checking on our draftees. These guys are solid players who are not shorted on abilities. Nate Davis for one has the fewest flaws in his passing as I have ever seen in a qb. I like the guys from first to last pick. I think next year will be one to stock up on top reserves but it also brings up a problem in having too many high priced players. I hope we do stock up on OL and one major pass rusher (Selvie) and dbs. I am pretty sure we have enough to compete way down into the reserves even now. I am unsure how Curtis and Francois can make the squad but I sure like how they look. Francois looks pretty stout for a DE. He may have been a bit hard to handle in college but he seems a good kid and he is IMO going to make some noise in training camp.
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Coffee is the key. If you like that pick then its hard not to give an A. If you think the Coffee pick was bad and/or an unnecessary pick, it wold probably be a C.

What do you think of the pick Jonesy?I like Coffee even though as a Vol fan I hate Bama.He is a hard nosed runner that I think will help us to wear down the defense in the fourth quarter.

Love the pick. I have concerns of Gore being able to carry the ball 25 times a game for a 16 game season. Now we get a guy who runs a similar style and Gore will get some relief. I'd like to see Gore with 18-20 touches and Coffee with 10 a game. I really think we will run the ball that much as long as the Oline holds up.
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We have the most homers

The Raiders have way more than we do. If they win the opening game of the season, they're going to the Super Bowl.

I'm sure they'll be some people in Niner Talk saying we're going to the Super Bowl if we win three or four preseason games.

Uh, don't forget the numerous niner fans here who've compared if not EQUATED MS to Walsh in various ways. That has to equal Raider homers predicting SB after winning the opening game.
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