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Michael Crabtree is a 49er!

Tree sounds alot cooler than Crabs.

But I vote for MC magic mike.... hehe

Nicknames are earned and as of now he's earned ROOKIE!

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Crabs....Just Crabs....
Micheal "All Day" Crabtree
"Mr. Dime" since he was the 10th overall.
"Dime Catcher" he is the 10th overall and he's gonna be catching alot of dimes from the QB!!!
1) King Crab (an actual animal)
2) The Crustacean
3) Optimus Prime (since Calvin Johnson is called Megatron)

it took awhile, but we have replaced T.O.
Meet the "King Crab" himself

Michael 'Catchin' Crabs

Originally posted by boomer49er:
I've been calling him Crabman for about a week.

I like Mr. Crabs as well.

Sponge Bob kicks ass.

(sorry, I have kids)


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Originally posted by mayo63:
He'll finish 2nd behind Jerry as the best receivers in 49er history, just watch.

he'll finish ahead of TO, John Taylor, Tai Streets, and JJ Stokes?
I'm just gonna call him MC.
Miguel Cangrejo-Arbol (for you all, thats Michael crab-tree in spanish)
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