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OFFICIAL: Damon Huard Flaming Hawk Brigade

Originally posted by XAnGeLicDiAbLoX:
this thread

Uh oh, I think someone might be on to me...
Originally posted by jayb49er:
Damon Huard is nothing more than veteran camp fodder imho.

Camp fodder??? With better, proven, skills then Alex.... Ummm, No. Huard should be our #2.
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Huard was supposed to be the future in K.C. However, Hill has clearly won the job. He'll have to start stinkin' it up in games until someone else gets a shot.
Huard is like a gift from god sent down from the heavens to save us all from another losing season. I mean why else would Singletary, the greatest football genius of his time, sign a 38 year old quarterback if he didn't expect immediate results, after all, Huard doesn't have too much longer to live.
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I'm still rooting for this guy
It's 2009 and there's a Damon Huard thread.....pardon me while I go waterboard myself.
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This thread means nothing to me until I see an incredible picture of a half hawk, half Huard in flames.
I think Huard could be a spy for the Seahawks
Originally posted by the_woad:
This thread means nothing to me until I see an incredible picture of a half hawk, half Huard in flames.

How about, Half-Hawk, Half-Hollywood star, whose restaurant went down in flames:
Originally posted by bigmike55:
I'll root for anybody but Alex Schmuck

I agree with half of what you said...

I will root/support any and all quarterbacks that start for the 49ers. I'm not saying I am not pulling for this football player or that football player. But in the end, all I want is a winning season, playoffs and a Superbowl victory. (I would be okay if it all happened this year too! )

Montana, Young, Bono, Grbac, Druckenmiller, Garcia, Rattey, Dorsey, Dilfer, Wienke, Smith, JTO, and Hill. - I rooted for them all!!

Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Originally posted by English:
Um, I have been wondering of late. Do we all support the same team?

I was thinking the same thing. I'm so over all these useless debates. Both Hill and Smith have their positives and negatives. Whats the point of debating them endlessly. At the end of the day people need to just agree to disagree. Shaun Hill isnt Joe Montana, and Alex Smith isnt Ryan Leaf.

Shaun Hill - scrappy gamer who's won enough to warrant the starting job on a team with no real QB.

Alex Smith - a dissapointment so far (injury or not) but still not a clear cut bust IMO. I'd say he's a "bust until proven otherwise." I just dont think he's an EPIC bust as of yet. Even if he was spectacular, I'd still say he's a disspointment...just due to injuries. His whole situation has been a "bust."

All that aside...we're 49er fans..and we should just wish the best for our team, regardless of the name on the jersey. If Huard ends up starting...then fine...if not..whatever. Just be 49er fans.

I'm a Niner fan and the best chance for us to win now is Shaun Hill. Plan B is Alex Smith but should be Huard.

Shouldnt you have started this thread anyway? I Hope Alex Smith wins the job, comeback player of the year and any other honors he can win just for people like you. Im with the 9ers and as long as the Man is wearing red and gold im rooting for him!

Bigmike I suppose you are less a schmuck than Alex Smith?Guys like you are an embarrassment to the organization,whether you like him or not attacking him on a personal level speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.Nice job of the pot calling the kettle black(except the kettle makes millions and you...well...don't.)
Whether many of you believe it or not, Huard was actually a good p/u this offseason. He can get the job done if he's called on...he'll be our #3 QB, no doubt about that. The main competition's between Shaun and Alex...but you always need a reliable #3 guy in case of injuries.
Originally posted by YouGotGored:
Originally posted by bigmike55:
I'll root for anybody but Alex Schmuck

I will root for anybody who is wearing a 49ers jersey.

Exactly. What kind of a Niner fan refuses to root for a Niner QB? Give me a break.
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