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Bruce Unlikely To Return.....

Looks like he's gonna retire this year, which sux, now we should definitely get HOLT, but he's visiting the damn JAGS.

I guess part of the reason why he isn't coming back is because singletary would only use him behind Jones and Morgan.

I think he deserves to be a starter though, come on.
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To be honest, I'm happy about this. I'm excited to see the young guys play.

Thanks for many years of hell Bruce!
I'm kind torn. He's a solid consistent starter at this point, but the young guys appear to be showing that they can play and I want them to get the snaps they need to continue their development. Guess I can find reasons to be alright with it either way.
Well if Brandon Jones can Pan out for us like he's been talked about lately,

Then i guess we'd be fine, but we should also have some type of backup plan in case jones fails at WR.
Without Martz, what's Bruce's motivation for grinding out another season.

We're going to miss what his mentoring brought, especially for a kid like Morgan who sought out Bruce's advise and daily example. But like Chief said above, time for our kids to learn to fly on their own.
Thats just Nancy Gay's opinion on him not returning. Nothing really news breaking.
I'd miss him as a mentor for our younger receivers, but other than that, I think the young guys deserve a shot. He's had an excellent career.
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I hope he doesn't return and we don't need Holt. We have some solid young receivers. Just draft a speed burner and we'll be fine.
There's also a lot of conjecture in there on what his role would be. That is first and only time I've read that they want him to return as a backup. I really doubt that the rotation for the WRs is already set this early in the year.

I hope he doesn't return. I never really liked Bruce, he is kind of an a*****e anyways from what I have read about him in the media.
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Originally posted by Chief49er:
To be honest, I'm happy about this. I'm excited to see the young guys play.

Thanks for many years of hell Bruce!

Once he retires ask him and Jerry to come back as WR coaches cause i think sullivan sucks.

Ok, i know i am dreaming that would be a good duo of coaches though, what WR wouldn't want to come hear.
If I thought the 49ers were one very good receiver away from being a contender, I would think bummer. But they have a lot of holes to fill still. Bruce wasn't going to put them on his back & take them to the Superbowl this year. So be it if he retires.
how sad is the team when folks are this concerned about a 100 year old WR if he comes back cool if not no big deal
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