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Would you trade Frank Gore??

Would you trade Frank Gore??

Originally posted by FriscoGold:
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
all I have to say to the yes voters is...


well maybe you should try clearly need some help with vision beyond the 2 feet surrounding you

Hell no I wouldn't trade him, I just got his jersey.

I think we should get a 2nd RB to prolong Frank's career though.
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Not a chance in hell.
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
The Top 10 Leaders In Rushing Yards For The 2008 Season. Lets see what we got:

Rushing Rk Player Team Pos Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM
1 Adrian Peterson MIN RB 342 22.8 1,657 4.8 110.5 9 59 78 22.8 19 3 8
2 Michael Turner ATL RB 351 23.4 1,491 4.2 99.4 16 66T 78 22.2 10 1 2
3 Clinton Portis WAS RB 313 20.9 1,407 4.5 93.8 8 31 71 22.7 13 0 2
4 DeAngelo Williams CAR RB 248 16.5 1,337 5.4 89.1 18 69T 57 23.0 13 5 0
5 Thomas Jones NYJ RB 280 18.7 1,289 4.6 85.9 13 59T 63 22.5 6 1 2
6 Chris Johnson TEN RB 251 16.7 1,228 4.9 81.9 9 66T 54 21.5 9 3 1
7 Steve Slaton HOU RB 248 16.5 1,190 4.8 79.3 8 71T 55 22.2 12 4 2
8 Matt Forte CHI RB 303 20.2 1,188 3.9 79.2 8 50T 60 19.8 8 2 1
9 Ryan Grant GB RB 293 19.5 1,097 3.7 73.1 4 57 47 16.0 4 1 3
10 Brandon Jacobs NYG RB 219 16.8 1,089 5.0 83.8 15 44 57 26.0 12 1 3

  • Three Rookie Running Backs (Slaton, Johnson, Forte)
  • A Second Year Player Leading the League In Rushing Yards (Peterson)
  • Four Running Backs In Their First Full Year Starting (Turner, Williams, Grant, and Jacobs, who only started half a year last season.)
  • Two Backs Who Have Been A Primary Back Prior to This Season

So, a whopping 80% top 10 are either first or second year players, or in their first year as a starter. So, this whole idea that it would be hard to find a running back to replace Gore, is quite frankly, stupid. There are plenty of young guys and, or guys getting their first crack at being a number one who are excelling in the capacity.

And of the two guys in the top ten who have had extensive work as primary backs?

There is Clinton Portis who has been in the league 7 and been a starter the whole time, but he missed half a season one year, and has started a full 16 games only three times.

And you have Thomas Jones who has been in the league 9 years, but only a full-time starter for 5, and only once started a whole 16 game season.

So we know young guys can stay in right away. We also know the vets on the list will get nicked up and miss some time, Gore is further proof of this as he only started a full season once which was his first year as a starter.

But here is something else, both Portis and Jones ranked in the top 10 last season, but neither did the year previous. So none of the 10 leading rushers from 2 years ago appear on the list this year through 15 games! Talk about turnover rate!

So, those numbers cleary demonstrate that the time for a running back at the top is short and fleeting. And Gore has already been there, and may not return to his 2006 form. While he will surely produce well, he is already getting banged up and with the ACL's in college, and the shoulder seperations in the pro's, he has already put some wear on the tires in his relatively short career. So, again not that we would trade Gore, but if you could get a good deal for him, it is not impossible to replace his production.

Good post and thanks for the research. Frankly, the only players that shouldn't be tradeable are franchise QB's, LT's and young franchise conerbacks. All other positions can be replaced.

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If any team wants to give us a 1st round pick for him, I'd do it.
We have so many other holes to fill. Why add Running back to that list?
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so kronik you want to replace willis?
Originally posted by Hopper:
We have so many other holes to fill. Why add Running back to that list?
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Couldn't really fathom trading him at this point and time.....He is going to go down as the top rushing-yards leader in team history, and has so much heart.
Trade Frank and get a new OC? Not exactly a recipe for success next year. Are we going to rebuild forever?

Sure to Detroit for a 2nd, 4th and 6th this year, and conditional 1st with 3rd or a 2nd and 5th next year based on yardage and playing time, Frank would be kicking ass and earning us a pick next year!
I would trade him for a proven player possibly a prow bowl pass rusher, not a draft pick. Because I just dont trust the drafting skills of McClueless.
what a dumbass question! hmm lets trade our best player on Offense..... and u ppl say nolan didint know what he was doin.... keep up ur madden/fantasy skills.....

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A team should be open minded to ALL opportunities...

But I don't think there would be a value return in trading the 49ers best offensive player, who happens to be a running back, to another team. Teams aren't going to give the 49ers a blockbuster deal on a trade for a running back that may be very good, but not an overall league leading rusher.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
For a first rounder, Yes! However, no team would make that deal.

Time is clicking for Gore. He probably has three more good years, and that is about it.

wow come on maddog i thought you had some common sense, you would trade a proven super star for one first rounder who no one knows if he will work out at all. dumbest thing I ever heard
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