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Cool...throwbacks this week. Go Niners!
Originally posted by SolRebe1:
This is the last home stand. You think the players wont play balls out for their coach.

Not to mention Gore and Snyder will prolly be back on the line up.

I think Nate can lock down Santana Moss, Manny should be fine against Cooley. The only thing that worries me is Clinton Portis.

Willis will take care of Portis
I am so happy we are not playing the Rams for the last game of the year. What a waste that would be.

WAS is a solid team and don't put it passed us to not give up a big play as they have capable big play receivers and a downfield passing game.

This is a good test, similar to MIA, of two solid teams facing one another. We have the home field advantage and Hill plays very well at home. If Hill gets off to a good start, then I think we win by 13 because Hill will have that defense spread out as he will probably throw it to 10 different receivers.

10 different receivers and 10 minute drives. Sigh, those were the good ole days and Hill fits perfectly.
Aren't we going to do something for BY on sunday?
The 9ers are favored by 3 points against a team with a record over .500. I know its just for the gamblers, but still pretty exciting.
I say we take it. They arent a good passing team so roman wont be a liability and our run defense is solid.
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
I say we take it. They arent a good passing team so roman wont be a liability and our run defense is solid.

I wouldn't underestimate the power of MR. NO-INT.
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Go Niners, Go!
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My old man is a skins fan. I hope we kick their ass!
I hope the Niners win this one... well see... I think they will play the last home game pretty hard.

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i live in DC.. WE HAVE TO.. WE HAVE to beat the skins, so all the skins fans can SHUT UP around here
I want to hear more about this match up

Is Hill still undefeated at home? I hope we can dominate this game and outscore them, I remember they humiliated us a couple years ago. It would be nice to finish the season with mustache domination!
This should be a W from all the research I have done, but is is very easily a loseable game if the niners get careless. I hope Hill comes out swinging to make up for his performance last week, and hopefully Gore gets to play!
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Favored by 3!!!!
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i think we match up well...
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