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**Guide to watching Niner games on the internet**

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If anybody finds out a VPN that works please do share


Anybody figure out if any VPN method works?

In the beginning of the year had no problems. Got every game. Well then I think they started blocking IP addresses because I cant get in no more. The 95's were first, then the 147 ones, then they updated and made the 217's and those worked once well they already don't work. Seems like they are blocking whole groups since people started abusing it.

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I'm interested in this as well. I don't have TIVO or anything, and I'm hoping to find a link to watch the Saints game that evening. It's an afternoon game that I won't be able to watch live. Do games ever get uploaded to watch later in the day?

Yeah, here are all the games up through the Cardinals one:

Then NFL started blocking them but people found links. The Titans, Jags, arent in the first post with the rest, have to go to the end of the thread people put up links.

As for watching games:
**************WARNING READ BEFORE CLICKING LINKS****************

Like I have said in the past make sure you have Adblock Plus and Popups Turned off. Don't install the plugins, don't download anything, don't click on ads as you could end up with a virus.

Then of course the old ones: (Dont Install That HD Thing)
[ Edited by Gore_21 on Nov 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM ] best one ive found so far ive been using this site to find streams lately... pretty decent
Originally posted by Mertonschickendance:
If anybody finds out a VPN that works please do share

I'm using

the Argetine server works
Hey guys....did a little research and it appears the nfl has blocked the netherlands ip's. I tried out the ones from argentina and it works so switch to an argentina vpn. I read that new zealand works as well but i cant confirm that.
Proxies are working good too. Google "how to use firefox/chrome proxy servers" and then Google "free proxy list" using the Netherlands and or Argentina. Been using this the past few weeks with pretty good results. I started using a VPN but shortly after, as most got word at how to do this, the NFL or my VPN subscription blocked the service and or the IP's that connected to it.

There is always places like firstrow sports and other streams that pop-up on gameday forums/threads etc.
Anybody have any promising links for todays game?
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Hey you can try this link. VERY choppy though.

ANy VEETLE links?
todays game
Do any of these work on an iphone? I'll be on the road for the game
any links for today?
Originally posted by 100PROOF:
I'm using

the Argetine server works

I tried using this but it never connects just says "authentication failed"
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