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**Guide to watching Niner games on the internet**

The freevip link isn't bad.

Link 3 (Others) - Under !BeeTV

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No luck with any of those sites. :-( has it..

here is a direct link but there are plenty of more links
Kaep is slumming badly
Originally posted by mrbusinessman499:
do you do the HD streaming in there? or will that cause you to have a virus

the HD streaming doesn't even work
Any links for the game today?
Looking for link to the 9ers Titans game......

Anybody got one?
Link 2 on FirstRow is working pretty well for me:
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Why was the game blacked out on Direct Tv today???? I called them and got a refund for today, but no explanation. I wrote Godell's office and want to know who's the greedy pig keeping he game off air. I live in PA and it wasn't the local broadcast so this made no sense.

Looks like the same site will have the game today.
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:
Looks like the same site will have the game today.

awesome. thanks dude I'll check it out.
Thanks for the link.
This season I have been using the VPN method to watch all games via NFL game pass. Even made an account to sign up since its for free. But today when I logged in its showing me different payment plans and it doesn't look like its free anymore.
Anybody else come across this?
the Dutch VPN trick looks dead. MateVPN is offline as well.
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