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Kansas City Chiefs name is "offensive" and should be changed as well.

Give them the measles or chicken pox and eliminate the opposition.
There name is defensive.

Rename them something badass like the Mohicans or Hiyawathas.
Another one is the Bengals is offensive to the country of India and the Bengali region. Easy fix, just call themselves the Bungles. Much more fitting.
Originally posted by VDpwndMjenkins:
I think with The Chiefs, its not a slur or derogatory description like Redskin.I feel they are reachin with this one.

Good point! Not sure about the derivation of Redskins but it seems likely to be perjorative. Looked it up online and dictionaries usually define it as negative and/or I agree that it should be completely separated from Chiefs or Indians in this argument.
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