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The Arizona Cardinals are going to win the NFC West in 2014?

St. Louis revamped more than Arizona.

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I don't care. Same old Cards.
carsom palmer lol
All these puff pieces on the Cards, ha! Still no run game, still have a noodle arm QB, still have a weirdo named Dockett, still don't have an offensive line, still can't keep Dansby, still lacking Linebackers or linebacker depth, shall I continue?
I don't think anyone thats actually watched Carson Palmer the last 7 years can confidently say that.
Man what happened to Palmer? I remember when he was really good w/ the bengals but then just fell off after that injury…
The Cardinals ...

Play 13 straight games to finish the season. Their final 6 games: @Seattle, @Atlanta, Chiefs, @St. Louis, Seattle, @49ers.

If they own the division this year it will be well earned.
its funny how nfl fans always fall for this s**t. at this time of the year every team is saying positive s**t about their team. best we've ever felt, light years ahead of last year, blah blah blah. it doesnt mean s**t until you use that to start 6-1 or 8-2. everyone always wants to pick the next team to win the div or the next hot team to win the sb, the by product is you get a lot of whiffs and the occasional hit.
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Originally posted by Mertonschickendance:
Man what happened to Palmer? I remember when he was really good w/ the bengals but then just fell off after that injury

that's what happened
I'm not too worried about the Cards. Traditional pocket passers don't do well against the Niners especially ones without a quality TE. We never allow Palmer to get comfortable back there and he tends to rush his passes against us. Our defense gets into Palmers head....

Carson Palmer lol.

The Cards will be lucky to win 8 games.
Originally posted by tondiman:
St. Louis revamped more than Arizona.

4 teams in this division.

I think I am going to enjoy this coming year.
Every team in the division wins 10+ games
haha fluke season. They will be back to fighting with the Rams for last place again next season.
Yes, lets be afraid of a team weve beaten in 9 of our last 10 meetings.
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