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NFL Uniforms by Jesse Alkire

All NFL Teams
adrian peterson in a 49ers jersey lol
Most of those are pretty bad ass
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Most of those are pretty bad ass


That Saints helmet is horrible, though. The Rams combo is a legit mix of old school and new school.
What is this? are they going to wear these this season?
Basically an Adidas logo with the stripes, right under the swoosh. lol
These are posted in the alt uniform thread. The redskins one is sick, most of them are. The bucs one is done 100x better then what the bucs just changed to.
Love what he did with the Rams, Ravens, Panthers, and Eagles. Those are sick. Much better than their current uniforms.
I like the Texan's helmet
wtf he took the stripe off our helmet???

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No stripe on our helmet is a downgrade.
Saints helmet looks goofy.
Redskins uniform is a major upgrade.
Texans look a little better but my favorite for them is their all red.
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Peterson looks good in a niner jersey
ours looks the same..
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yes please
all i want is for the stripes on our f**kin sleeves to get fixed!
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