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Andre Johnson, might want out of HOU

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^Baalke would talk them to taking Baldwin the next Randy Moss for an old beat up AJ. Lol
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by NinerGM:
As long as he doesn't go to Seattle.

He'll end up in Seattle. The Johnson pickup/lousy draft will motivate them.
The .nut is already crying for a trade
If he doesn't play for the Texans this season, then it's because he's with either the Seahawks or Patriots.
Originally posted by LayTheWoodall:
Originally posted by crabman82:
as a fan of the U its honestly a bit sad to know johnson and gore are on their last legs

This! It's one of those things that makes me realize how fast time has flown by. I remember watching Johnson shred Nebraska like yesterday.

Completely agree, I still remember that Miami roster.
Either Patriots will take the $12M cap hit or he'll stay a Texan (leaning more on the latter).
I don't think he will wind up with the Hawks. I'm afraid he might go to the Rams.
Also, all that talk about trading Crabs for Johnson is not a great move lol. Baalke showed in this draft he is still re-loading for the future, and he's not treating this like a make or break year. Trading for Johnson closes our window, Baalke has shown he is all about keeping it open.
Getting old and slower and salary is too high. And we don't need him at all. I'm fine with another NFC team grabbing him.
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Originally posted by kronik:
Getting old and slower and salary is too high. And we don't need him at all. I'm fine with another NFC team grabbing him.

I think you and I are the only ones in this thread that think that lol
Nobody is gonna absorb that 12 mil. he's either gonna have to stay in Houston or retire.
Originally posted by Dsoto87:
Baalke will get him for a 6th

iLOL! Cuz it's true, Baalke can do it if anyone can.

My all time favorite non 49ers WR. He won't be a Niner and he won't be traded.
meh. not worth what he'd cost.
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If Cleveland wasn't such a s**thole I could see that as a viable destination for Johnson. Would Andre rather be in Houston where the D looks elite as hell on paper and nothing at QB or in Cleveland where the defense looks good to great and now has the QB that Johnson probably wishes Houston had taken.

Maybe Tate is working some recruiting skills on Johnson lol.
I think the Browns still have the most cap room AND Josh won't be around for a while!
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Pats or nah?
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