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Aaron Lynch Thread

From the YouTube clips it looks likes the kid plays with some violence when his head is on straight.
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Have the 49ers actually talked about their plans for Lynch yet? I'm curious as to whether they see him as an OLB or down the road, a DE.

What's been his max playing weight? I read he dropped weight when he was on meds. But is he 3-4 DE heavy?

His max weight was around 265-270. Even though he played some 5-tech at ND, he's never been in the 285-295 range. Now that he's dropped in weight to about 249, asking him to put on 30-35 lbs is a bit much. I think it's more practical to get him back to 265 and use him as a stand-up rusher in odd fronts, or put his hand in the dirt in even fronts.

That is true, but he was also only 18 years old. Seems logical that he might be able to carry more as he matures.
This is one of my favorite picks. This guy has the talent to be something.
looks solid to me. i think we had a hell of a draft
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All I hope from this kid is that his attitude changes with the 9ers. If his mind and body is right, he probably can be one of the steals of the draft.
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He has the frame for it, but 30 pounds??? That's a lot of weight to add.

Is there any precedent for that?

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Apparently he was supposed to be a 1st round pick (see 2nd video) while he was at Notre Dame but transferred to South Florida for character reasons and other issues.

I think he will be one of the steals of the draft for us.

Everyone is so focused on Jimmie Ward (rightfully so) and Carlos Hyde but I'm actually more excited for Aaron Lynch.


Wow. I think, we have a big steal him our team. He is a great tackles and boom tackle for one time.. It was bad as s... I really loved him compared to PWillis for almost same things cuz lynch is very good a tackle and sacks is too well..
why did he lose weight?
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why did he lose weight?

he was on adderall and did'nt have an appetite

didn't know him before we drafted him but damn this kid looks good! seems like he is always busting into the backfield and ferociously bringing down the ball carrier. Under TOmsula I think he can develop into an excellent backup or rotational guy. Hopefully he stays out of trouble...we don't need anymore bad publicity. We are one felony away from becoming the new raiders
any USF fans here that can shed some light on this guy and give their humble opinion
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He is going to be a beast.
Watched him a ton his first year at Notre Dame. He has unlimited upside and will be a steal! He gets to the QB a lot.
Are we playing him at OLB or will have him bulk up and play DE?
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