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Do you want Johnny Manziel to succeed?

Do you want Johnny Manziel to succeed?

Don't give a single F whether he succeeds or epic fales.
For the insane amount of hype and all that's invested in this kid, it'd be a shame for it all to go to waste lol.

But seriously, don't really give f**k either way.
it is pretty sad how the media can turn a player into anyone they want to be to the public eye
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Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
The fact he plays for the Browns makes you want him to do better than usual.

pretty much this and only this.
Go johnny football!!!
Grew up in the Texas Hill Country, yes I am.
I don't like the guy and he looks to me like he's got NFL bust written all over him, but who cares? He's the backup in Cleveland for cryin' out loud.
Yes, of course. Why would I want him to fail? He doesnt play against the niners and didnt do anything wrong to me or my family.