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RB Carlos Hyde Thread

Round 2
25th Selection (57th overall)
Name: Carlos Hyde
Position: RB
School: Ohio State

- 98
Boom! Im excited.
Love it. Great pick!!
Wow, a power RB! Favorite quotes when his name was announced:

"He is the best RB of the draft."

"Top shelf talent at the 57th pick."
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Unstoppable running game. And probably bye-bye LMJ, unless he is ok with punt returns
We may never have to pass again
Gore 2.0

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Great pick. With Gore near the end & Lattimore an unknown, Hyde could be the new bellcow.
I love it.
Baalke somehow has gotten two of the best backs in the last two drafts at a bargain. The draft is his b*tch lover.

no need to pass anymore...
Oh ok

I had him #1 on my big board. Nice pick.
This is a first round talent.
Let me get this straight..Baalke moves back 1 spot, picks up the 4th we lost for Stevie Johnson, then moves back up 1 spot and only gives up a 7th AND gets the best RB in the draft (esp. for us). Wow! Now he moved back again?
I wonder if this means Lattimore is not looking like the player he was before the injury?
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