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2011 Draft

Originally posted by SofaKing:
Here's my crack at it. Didn't really try hard for accuracy, just a general ranking:

1. J.J. Watt
2. Aldon Smith
3. Von Miller
4. A.J. Green
5. Julio Jones
6. Colin Kaepernick
7. Richard Sherman
8. Robert Quinn
9. Cam Newton
10. Muhammad Wilkerson
11. Patrick Peterson
12. Tyron Smith
13. Cameron Jordan
14. Marcell Dareus
15. Jurrell Casey
16. Justin Houston
17. Randall Cobb
18. Mike Pouncey
19. Jordan Cameron
20. Andy Dalton
21. Nate Solder
22. Torrey Smith
23. K. J. Wright
24. Ryan Kerrigan
25. Jabaal Sheard
26. Doug Baldwin
27. Julius Thomas
28. Chris Harris
29. Jason Kelce
30. DeMarco Murray
31. Orlando Franklin
32. Kyle Rudolph

Nice list, I like Rudolph at 32 and Orlando Franklin is a solid addition. I had about 8 players in the 32-40 range that I could have put it.
All bias aside Sherman should not even be in the top 15, nor should Patrick Peterson. And how in the hell you have Kap at 18 when he beat Cam in the playoffs and has more playoff wins then most active QBs is just disrespectful. On top of all that the pass rusher would fill out the top ten after Kap 1 and Cam 2. QB and pass rusher are MUST HAVES if you want to win in this league.
1. Colin Kaepernick
2. Cam Newton
3. J.J. Watt
4. Robert Quinn
5. Muhammad Wilkerson
6. Von Miller
7. Aldon Smith
8. Tyron Smith
9. A.J. Green
10. Julio Jones
11. Cameron Jordan
12. Patrick Peterson
13. Richard Sherman
14. Andy Dalton
15. Jurrell Casey

I switched up and just did a top 15 just because I felt like the lower 17 were too close to debate. Kap is number one because he has already proven he is a winner and despite all his success he still has lots of room to expand his game, where as Cam is already close to hitting his ceiling. Either way having one of these guys as your franchise QB is worth 9-10 wins alone.

Chose Watt/Quinn over Aldon and Miller due to chracter issues. Your no good to your team suspended.

Wilkerson is one of the few linemen who is elite at run stopping and pass rushing. Could have made an arguement for him as the 5th best player in this draft.

Tyron Smith is the best oline in this draft and argubaly the best tackle in football.

AJ and Julio are high chracter guys who just simply make plays and will continue to do so for years to come.

Pat Pete and Sherm are great players but I feel corner is an overrated position now that the rules favor to WR's and QB's. Both have ability to make plays but only if the pass rush is supports them.
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