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McNabb Arrested


"Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has been arrested in Arizona on Thursday, according to KTVK-3TV and in Phoenix. There were no immediate details available in the report, but this is still a fluid and developing situation."

Update: Supposedly mugshot was released on Thursday, but could have been from a previous arrest
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Let's see who can guess what it is he done did..
Beating his wife or alcohol related. Or both.
Stems from a DUI Arrest from January
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cops probably busted him puking on the side of the road and gave him a DUI

TO has volunteered to post bail.
hopefully he was punching Richard Dick Sherman in the mouth

RIP Donovan McNabb
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

RIP Donovan McNabb

That isn't McNabb, dude... it's Tiger Woods!
Sign him

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I want my, I want my MTV.

Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

he was pissed that he lost to johnny unitas in the bracket
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

RIP Donovan McNabb

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