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WR Stephen Hill - Offer Jets a 7th?

Originally posted by Youngone:
Stephen Hill, although hasnt lived up to his potential, has done way more than AJ

Originally posted by Garcia:
Originally posted by VDpwndMjenkins:
s**t,if there is room for that scrub Johnathan Martin,there is room for 4.36 speed.

We have another 7th to trade with and a comp pick IIrc.Do it.

Martin has value and a history with harbaugh

Hill has value.If it doesnt work,he can be cut,just as Martain can be.0 f*#ks givin bout history.
[ Edited by VDpwndMjenkins on Apr 15, 2014 at 10:09 AM ]
Why not??
LOL. Never understood the hype to begin with. I remember people having straight meltdowns when we passed on him.
lol no.
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Remember how some people used Stephen Hill as an example as a receiver that we should've taken over AJ Jenkins? Yea, about that.

With that said, I'd be willing to give up a 7th for him. He'd be a long shot, but has great physical tools.

What about that? Hill > Jenkins. I don't see your point. They were both disappointments, but Hill has been on a crappier team with far worse QBs and has STILL been way better than AJ Jenkins.
couldn't be any worse than Baldwin?
Originally posted by Since07:
Jon Balwin 2.0?

he's much faster and runs better routes than Baldwin
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