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Colts owner Jim Irsay arrested for DUI

Colts owner Jim Irsay arrested in Carmel last night, charged with OWI & possision of a controlled substance. The controlled substance is suspected to be alcohol, and that Irsay remains in jail.
Andrew is shocked here's the link
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His chauffeur couldn't make it?
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tuned in to nfl on XM this morning to hear them talking about the owner who got busted but they didnt mention the name for almost the whole drive in to work....was crossing the fingers that it wasnt one of the yorks
Couldn't happen to a better guy. Really can't stand Irsay.
Dude look like an alcoholic 24/7.
Probably leaving a meating with goodell
So he was definitely telling the truth when he said it wasn't drunk tweeting? Lol, what an idiot. How much money do you need before its worth it to call a cab or hire a damn limo.

I'm sure he will fine himself. If the Colts are lucky, he'll suspend himself for the rest of the offseason.
1. You would think this dude could afford a cab?!
2. Is he Irish?
3. Wow, you would think being an owner of the Colts would give you a little slack? Oh well, back to Baltimore...darn it! That seat is taken! Hellllloooooo L.A.!
Was he tweeting from Jail? I think this guy tweets more than Boobie Dixon
Originally posted by NinerG94:
Couldn't happen to a better guy. Really can't stand Irsay.

Ive heard of people getting a DUI even two but a guy in the position of Jim Irsay is hard to forgive as a "regular" dude. To say he makes enough money to have a personal driver is a massive understatement.
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