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Would Steve Smith be a good fit for us? I think so.

Harbaugh/Roman will never change their offense for anyone so it would be a waste of money sitting on the bench.
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Smith and Bolden two of the toughest WR in the game! They would definitely bring the fight to Seattle's CB
Sure sign him, 5 years ago.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Sure sign him, 5 years ago.

Smith like Boldin is a 3rd down machine.

I just don't see it happening.

If you're a football fan - it's hard not to like Steve Smith.
We don't need another aging star. Smith will be 35 this year, and he won't want to play on a 1 year deal for the veteran minimum salary. He will likely ask for some obscene amount of $ anyways.
Originally posted by valrod33:
too much money, we dont really use 3 wrs.


If we ran 3-4 WR sets than maybe. I would take Patton over him. Serious. Patton could develop into something special.
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35 years old, we got three nice guys plus baldwin with a full off season under him. no you set pat and draft two guys in this very very deep draft for wide outs
No thank you. Brandin Cooks me
Originally posted by JackPardeePants:
No thank you. Brandin Cooks me

I second this motion.

I'd like to see two warriors like boldin and smith on the field at the same time matched up against the cocks secondary... that would be fun to watch!
wont come here b/c he still wants to be a starter somewhere
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We have enough WR like Steve Smith. We need a guy that can stretch the defense.

Plus hes old, injury prone, and wont be playing for any discounts. Carolina even called him a distraction.

Ill pass unless he plays for the vet minimum.
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