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Would Steve Smith be a good fit for us? I think so.

I dont feel we should go after S. SMith for many of the reasons listed above.

1. We rarely use 3WR sets
2. We need to get younger players some playing time. (PAtton, drafted WR)
3. Crabtree, Boldin, S. Smith, V. Davis is a lot of egos to have on the field all chirping and complaining if they aint getting the ball.
4. We run the ball the most in the league. 2 good WR (Crabtree and Boldin) + 2 good TE (V. Davis and hopefully McDonald) should be all we need.

Now of course you cant prepare totally for injuries that occur in the future. As we saw with Crabtree out, teams can shut Boldin out and were screwed.
Q Patton and a high draft pick... Crabs... Boldin ... Not much room
It depends on his knee, and how much we can get him for.
Yes if he is healthy? Yes!!! Boldin and smith? 3rd down Monsters!!!!!!
I don't see it happening...but I didn't see Gabbert happening, either. Different scenarios, one's old, the other's young. I'd say odds are against it. There are some younger FA WR's out there I think would be better for the longer term. Don't know that Baalke will go down that rabbit hole, either.
Originally posted by Wu-5Rings:
Yes if he is healthy? Yes!!! Boldin and smith? 3rd down Monsters!!!!!!

Don't forget Crabtree was a 3rd down Monster to in 2012. That's 3 wide receivers that are beast on 3rd down, so someone will be open. It might be intriguing to see how the coaching staff will utilize such a WR core. I really do want a legit endzone target for kap though, as our redzone passing offense has been terrible for harbaugh's tenure thus far except for the trick play action plays that seem to work once a while.
Even better that he's a California native. Go get'em I say. I year deal for 3.5 million. Dude would love to get himself a ring at age 35.

**Edit. Golden Tate just signed a 5 year 31 million deal with the Detroit Lions.The Seachickens just go weaker. Love it.
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would be nice to have him
The date on this data is 10/3/2013 from Pro Football Focus, so I'm not sure if it's to that point in the 2013 season or if it's from the 2012 full season.

Offensive packages: 11 Personnel 12 personnel 21 personnel 22 personnel
NFL Avg: 51.62% 19.74% 13.26% 5.87%
49ers Avg; 28.63% 11.83% 24.81 25.95%

So NFL average with 3WR on field 51.26% of plays versus 49ers 28.63% of plays.
Would they run out of an 11 personnel package more often if they had 3 viable options? Maybe.
If these are 2013 numbers is it a reflection of the Crabtree injury? Probably to some degree.

Lots of discussion could be had regarding Roman's trying to stress defenses with the 12 and 22 personnel groups. That's what our offense has been predicated on thus far. More so with the 49ers than any other team, the 3rd WR has only been a factor on obvious passing downs. As we "create more film" on the nuances of what we do out of the 12 and 22 personnel groups it's hard to say when/if defenses catch up. It might be vital move away from it to stay relevant, especially if we don't get more production in the passing game out of TE2. We missed Delaine last year and I hope McDonald can step it up.
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Originally posted by billbird2111:
Absolutely terrible idea. Another old guy on the roster. And we've once again missed a golden opportunity to add someone through the draft and develop them into a top-notch receiving threat.

Of course every old player thinks they can still play. Ask Barry Bonds about that. Barry is of the opinion that he can still play today, six years after the Giants cut him loose and nobody dared sign him.

There's a reason why Carolina cut him loose. His best days are way behind him. Time to move on. Stop signing old dudes.

The reason people stayed away from B Bonds was NOT his age...It was due to his Roids accusations. As for Old Players do you think A Boldin signing was a bad mistake?

Originally posted by hohbie:
Yes, because him and Boldin on the field at the same time = badass. Not even Seattle jacked up on PEDs would mess with them.

i thought about this and my mind just blew up.
Our wr do seem to get the injury bug quite a bit. And he could really help mentor another smaller speedster that we draft into being a bad a$$ lil guy.
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Please do this!!!!!! one year 5 mil... cant beat that. He is still in great shape and he's bitter, as was Boldin last season.
I get we dont go 3WR... but we need to cuz Vance Mcdonald cant catch. Well, not yet!!! His addition would force us to do things we shoulda done last year. We are smash-mouth run team, but always throwing at the end of big games. Cap needs another reciver because he focuses on Crabtree too much during crunch time. No need to specify the two gms Im talking bout
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