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NFL considering moving extra point back to 25 yard line

Originally posted by tjd808185:
It's a horrible idea. 1 point try starts from the 25 but a 2 point try starts from the 2.

Who cares if the 1 pointer is automatic?

This....Roger Goodell is a piece of crap that needs to stop trying to change the great game that is NFL Football. Go spend the billion dollars or whatever the F you made last year Roger and leave the GD game alone.
Every year the NFL throws some crazy idea(s) and to see the public's reaction. It helps to keep the fans talking about the NFL through the off-season.
Arena ball... next we need to make different targets inside the uprights worth different points. My brother said why don't they have two guys run after a ball down field instead of the opening coin toss like the XFL did and I got a good laugh out of that. I think I'd rather just have them give you 7 points for a TD and not kick extra points than make it 43 yards. Will affect the game too much. You miss one and then you have to go for 2 next time.

Handlesit, I hope you are right on that. That makes sense.
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Enough is enough ...leave the damn game alone already ...Goodell is going to keep f*cking with the game until its not football anymore
Can't hit a player above the shoulders and below the knees, if a receiver catches a pass and is hit it's a penalty because the player could not cover up. Throw away the oldest play in football, the wedge, too many injuries. Now do away with the extra point, not enough action. It's funny, the two best teams in football play the game old school style, I'm sure the rules committee will put an end to that.
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Yeah..I've thought about it. Its a fuggin dumbass idea. There's nothing wrong with the action of the game as far as points goes. This is some arena football xfl s**t. If you dont like xps just make TDs worth 7. Its way too gimmicky.
in the grand scheme of things i do not like what goodell has done, or what has changed under his watch. but i can get on board with this. it is automatic, and can hurt a team if the kicker gets hurt.
and if you remember when these rules were in place kickers would struggle to make 20 yarders. hell HS kickers are probably better than the kickers of 40 years ago.

i can eliminate all the other changes to say, i think this change is OKAY. if it doesn't happen, who cares? if it does happen it raises the value of special teams and defense.

if your kicker makes 98 percent and your defense only allows 40 percent , you win the PAT battle. another interesting aspect i would like, if the defense scores, they get the point(s).
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I actually was thinking a while back, how if they really wanted to make the game more offensive minded why not add 3-4 yards to the endzone?
just eliminate XPs in Madden.
Make the goalposts turn for extra points.

I can see a 40 team league with 4 teams in Europe, two in Mexico, one in L.A. and one in either Vegas, San Antonio or Columbus, within the next decade. 16 playoff teams.
Silverman: Goodell's Rule Intrusions Are Root Of NFL's Officiating Issues
Roger Goodell loves to tinker with the NFL.

He leads the most successful sports league in the world and its business model is remarkably successful. The league is making billions of dollars from television, exorbitant ticket prices and merchandising.

Goodell has plenty to keep him occupied. In addition to the next television deal, Goodell and the NFL have major concerns about the health of former and current players. A proposed $765 million concussion settlement may not be enough, according to a federal judge, and the NFL may have to pony up quite a bit more if it wants to avoid a potentially embarrassing trial brought by the NFL Players Association.

You may remember that New England head coach Bill Belichick pointed out last month that the point after the touchdown has become too automatic. Now, Goodell has picked up the ball and run with it.

While it's not likely the competition committee will act quickly on this proposal this offseason, it certainly will come up for debate.

And therein lies the problem. Why does Goodell feel a need to change NFL rules all the time? Is the league not successful enough? Is there something wrong with the basics of the game? Are fans turning back their season tickets or turning off their televisions?

There are other things that Goodell needs to be concerned about. Start with the quality of the officiating.

You may have noticed that there were quite a few complaints about officiating this season. In last week's NFC Championship Game, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman appeared to recover a fumble prior to suffering a horrific knee injury in the fourth quarter. However, none of the officials recognized that Bowman had the ball and the Seahawks maintained possession of the ball. The vagaries of the rules prevented Jim Harbaugh from even challenging the incorrect judgment.

Every time the rules change, it makes it more difficult for the officials to do their job. Memos go out on rule changes and officials are expected to incorporate those changes to the way they call games. However, when you have been a high-level game official for 10 years or more, you are a creature of habit and it's not that simple.

Six rule changes were implemented prior to the 2013 season, and many more rule changes have been implemented in previous years.In addition to making little sense, the league makes it harder for officials to do a decent job of adjudicating games. No matter how definitive Ed Hochuli sounds when announcing a penalty, he continues to make head-slapping mistakes, and so do nearly all of the league's other top referees.

So, Roger, fix your problems.

Attend to retired players and the next TV contract.

But leave the rules alone for the next five years.

You've caused enough problems already.
League needs to worry more about finding better ways to ref the game not extra points.
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Originally posted by solidg2000:
So a two point conversion would be from the 25 yard line as well?

That would be my question.

My guess is that the rule change would not change the ball placement for two point attempts.

But, I have nothing but a guess.
Originally posted by buck:
That would be my question.

My guess is that the rule change would not change the ball placement for two point attempts.

But, I have nothing but a guess.

No, two point attempts would still be from the two. Logic being that there's a relatively low percentage of successful 2 point tries.
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