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NFL considering moving extra point back to 25 yard line

This would make extra point attempts 43 yards instead of 20. The conversion percentage from 43 yards last year was like 86%, where as extra points had somewhere in the upper 90's. 2 point conversion attempts would still be from the 2, and their conversion percentage has been somewhere near mid 50's. I think this is an awesome idea that has been long over due. It beats just getting rid of the extra point and makes the kicker that much more important. It will probably result in a pay raise for the kickers and could sway our decision to go after older kickers. Thoughts?
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Kickers will now demand 20M a year.
Make it the 35 yard line. Phil Dawson is money from anything inside 55.
I approve.
So a two point conversion would be from the 25 yard line as well?
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I dunno how I feel about this. I agree xps are pretty useless but I think 43 yards for one point is pretty extreme. I guess there will be more 2 pointers. Scores will look all weird and s**t too. I dunno.

Not really feeling it but I'd get used to it and it would make all games more exciting, but Niner games will be 10x more excruciating since we never like to win by more than 3 anyway.
How about they get rid of the extra point entirely. Just make TDs worth 7 points. 8 points if you go for 2 and succeed, 6 points if you fail. Problem solved.
Sure easy to tell it's the off-season, eh. This idea didn't go forward...wonder why.
Drop kick from 2 point distance ....?
Why not just go for two every time? Even if you complete 50% you're still scoring more points than kicking extra points right? For the record I think it should be left alone.

really interesting, i like this idea
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I don't like changes to the game, so I prefer the current rules.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
really interesting, i like this idea

this. gives teams something to think about. Although a 35 yarder SHOULD be automatic for an NFL kicker.
pretty stupid. you shouldnt have to get a td and a field goal just to get 7 points
It's a horrible idea. 1 point try starts from the 25 but a 2 point try starts from the 2.

Who cares if the 1 pointer is automatic?
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