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Trade a 3rd round pick for Kirk Cousins?

no thanks
lol, KC doesn't want to be a back up ..and you want to trade for him to be a back up
I'd rather have Kirk Hinrich
He's not that good"
lol good heavens no
No, we can do MUCH better w/a 3rd round pick.
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Dumb thread is dumb
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
I'd rather have Kirk Hinrich

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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
I thought he played pretty poorly last year and seemed to get worse game after game. Not sure where the Redskins are getting this idea that they can actually get a 2nd round pick for him.
Agreed, the Redskins are delusional, he had two good games in 2012 replacing an injured Robert Griffin. At the end of 2012 maybe somebody would give up a second for him. Then 2013 happened, he was awful the last quarter of the season when Griffin was benched. I watched all the Redskin games, I feel safe saying if he had enough attempts he would have been rated no higher than 30 of all the starting quarterbacks without looking up stats. How many times does a back-up have a few good games, becomes a starter somewhere, then proceeds to suck as defensive coordinators have him all figured out. He is worth a 4th or 5th and that is a stretch.
a QB hungry team would make this move (Jags, Vikings, Cardinals, )

Kirk Cousins wants the chance to be a starter. Why would he want to come to a team where he has even less of a chance of becoming the starter? And I definitely would not use a 3rd round pick for him. That's the trade a team without a franchise QB makes, not the 49ers.
Originally posted by Disp:
A 3'rd rounder for a backup quarterback is way too much, and no way are we going to bid higher for one than a team that needs a starting QB will.

For the 49ers, I disagree that a 3rd rounder for a backup is too much. Our starting QB is a true dual threat. However, he is limited when it comes to running (this is by design) because the coaching staff doesn't want him to get hurt. They're terrified of him getting hurt because there is NOBODY behind him that they are comfortable with.

Believe it or not, acquiring a capable backup QB will, in essence, help this offense tremendously.

That said, I don't think KIRK COUSINS, in particular, is worth a 3rd.
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