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Tarell Brown, please re-sign with the 49ers.

Am I the only one here that thinks the 49ers better keep Tarell Brown? This guy has developed NICELY over the years and its about time the 49ers KEEP our OWN talent at the Peak of his career, just turned 29 years old so He has 3 sweet years left. He's our BEST cover Corner, he's a good tackler. Why aren't the 49ers thinking about re-signing this GUY?????? C'mon now.
An article a few days ago said they are likely to re-sign Brown and Whitner.
Misleading title
Change the title please
First i was like

Then i was like
Totally misleading f*cking title
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Misleading thread title there. You got me with it. You are right that at 29, he's at the peak of his career. Only one way to go from here. CBs fall off fast. I'd love for him to stay, but if he wants more than $4, then the 49ers need to replace him with a cheaper player. Brock just got a multi-year deal and if Cully comes back, he deserves the other multi year deal for the CB position. Hard to put three multi millionaire CBs on the roster with other players needing extensions.
Meh, he ain't big contract good. Personally I think we're fine if Cully comes back healthy. We can re-sign Cox for much cheaper and pick up a CB or two in the draft. We need the money for Kap, Aldon and Crab. Brock, Cully, Cox, Morris and rookie is fine. This rookie CB class looks pretty good
With that said I do believe he'll test the market, find out he's not getting what he thinks he's worth, and come back to us on a good deal
Not an ounce of misleading title, just sayin'...I think the niners are considering him for real it's just that he may be asking for too much money, or perhaps both sides are waiting for the market to be set. I dont think the niners are out of it for his rights by any means, he would be a welcome singning to the team on a lot of different aspects so i guess we'll have to wait and see.

Brown, Cully & Brock. Those are are my dudes.
I hope he does but its going to be hard with all the money they have do give to CK7 and Aldon.
I'll tweet this to him
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Best cover corner? Brock was way better than this guy. Time to let Fangio continue to develop his own guys. Cully and Brock should be fine next year with a draft pick, Cox, and Wright adding depth.
Originally posted by btthepunk:
An article a few days ago said they are likely to re-sign Brown and Whitner.

Unless the FO is not planning to resign Boldin (who is a high priority must resign FA), I highly doubt that will be possible unless both are willing to take significantly less to stay.
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