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Is Bill O'Brien still trying to prove himself?

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When the Houston Texans announced their completed coaching staff Wednesday, one traditional position was noticeably missing: offensive coordinator.

As expected, the newly hired Bill O'Brien will call his own plays and oversee the weekly game plan after the doing the same as Penn State's head coach over the past two seasons and, prior to that, as play-caller of theNew England Patriots from 2009 to 2011.

Still, it's a mild surprise to see the Texans completely ignore the coordinator role, considering the heavy plate of tasks O'Brien will be asked to balance as a first-year NFL head coach. Even wunderkind Chip Kelly went so far as to hire an OC to help with his weekly slog of assignments last season.

I'm not surprised O'Brien is going to call his own plays but that the fact that they don't have someone in that position makes me wonder if he is going out of his way to show it is all on him.

Like he is trying to prove himself and get out from underneath Tom Brady's shadow or something. I know he'll still have assistants that help him game plan but why doesn't he have someone with at least the title of OC even if O'Brien will be calling the plays.

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