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NFL Football Honors

I am so glad that none of our players won any of these awards. These awards tend to screw up a teams salary cap, because each award will be used as a bargaining chip by player agents come contract negotiation time!

What do you guys think about none of our players being represented for end of season awards?
There's only 1 award I want to see anyone on this team holding ....

Yeah all these awards are meaningless. Once you start getting playoff wins and going for SB trophies all that other stuff doesnt matter. As for the honors just a way for the NFL players to act like celebrities even though they already are turning into them.
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I know the last few years our defenders have been overlooked because of their teammates. Willis, Justin, Aldon, and Bowman have all had great great seasons over the last 3 years but somehow the voters dismiss them because... they say... Well, their teammates are Willis, Justin, Aldon, and Bowman.

Seems like the same thing happened to Seattle this year. Earl Thomas and Sherman had great years but I think the voters knocked them down a few pegs because of their teammates.

When you think of the Panthers defense.. who really comes to mind besides Kuechly? When you think of the Texans defense is there anyone else besides Watt? Cushing is more infamous than famous because of his steroids... even when Suggs won it in 2011... Lewis and Reed didn't hold him back because they were considered washed up.

My only gripe is that... Justin absolutely deserved more recognition in 2011 and Aldon deserved more in 2012. Bowman also deserved more this year... and Willis has always been Willis. The world isn't fair... but I think it really is unfair that the voters ignore what these guys have done because of their teammates.
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