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What if Peyton Manning had signed with the Niners?

Peyton the forehead Manning does not play for the 49ers and never will... Jim wants to take to much control of the offense and Peyton and him would be fighting all the time
We would have atleast one Super Bowl win and he'd be about to retire after next year. So basically he woulda helped the 49ers get One possibly 2 rings and make $60million then retire. I wish it woulda worked out two years ago, but I also really like Kaepernick and his potential and style.
We have more trophies in the case.
i just cant buy the we'd have 6 and be working on 7 angle. we're talking about a great sure, but also one of the more un-clutch qb's in league history. he'll go down as the best of the regular season of all time. but his brain fart moments in the playoffs is quite a long list. sure you can say well he would never have had a D like we do, but ask yourself, what player(s) would not be here to accomodate his massive salary?
Realistically, Peyton would never work here. This team is all about GREAT defense and power run game. Not only would we lose pieces on D to accommodate Peyton's massive contract but there would be a conflicting difference of offensive philosophy, HaRoman would have to completely change what they do (they wouldn't, which is why Peyton probably isn't here in the first place).
we win the SB in '13, '14, and '15.....

.... probably '16 also.
Manning doesn't have enough swag to be part of this team
we'd be undefeated 2 years in a row now.
Peyton would have been the one in the beats commercial being attacked by seahawk fans.
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We be in our third straight superbowl appearance. Manning has never had a defense like ours. Vd would be the best weapon in football but Jim is too much of control freak to let manning take over offense sigh

Peyton signed with the Niners. Alex Smith goes to the Dolphins. Kaep backs up Manning. Peyton gets his head knocked off middle of the game. Harbaugh goes with the hot hand, Kaeps takes over, getting us to the SB and loses to the Ravens.

The following off season, Kaep getting ready to blow up the NFL with his potential talent. Manning gets traded to the Broncos for 2 2nd rounder. Alex Smith struggled with the Dolphins and gets traded to the Chiefs with Andy Reid.

2013 season... well we know how all that ended for Kaep, Manning and Smith.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
well then it wouldnt be #questforsix, it would have been #questfor7

Well, to be fair, in 2012, kap was the last person to blame. He was the sole reason why we got there and came back. If we had this year's post season defense last year, then we would be champs last year. This year, it seemed like the defense came to play and the offense was hibernating.
What if? what if we just drafted rodgers or brady? what if kaepernick doesn't throw the game away? what if Roger Craig doesn't fumble in the nfc championship game?
What if we won the Superbowl every single year....
Manning gets injured in week 4 because he can't run out of the pocket when it collapses. Since Alex went to the Dolphins and Kap was traded to the Eagles for Vick and a 2014 pick, Vick takes over and leads us to a 6-10 season. Yay.
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