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Brandon Jacobs, why's he so mad doe?

Originally posted by VDpwndMjenkins:
Cuz he's a b***h.Who else says some ho s**t after retirement like that instead a sayin it to the mans face?

I was against signing this garbage motherf**ker from the rip.I felt he wasnt gonna see the field,that he was gonna be last on the depth chart n he wasnt gonna handle it right.Plus,the way he ran in NY,his tip-toe runnin ass had no place here.

Brandon Jacobs as i said then can EAD.

I think Jacobs should be paying attention to what happened to Jim Kelly, who was also running his mouth about Harbaugh.
Jacobs is one of those guys who is mad at the world. He is a VERY dissatisfied person who will never be happy.

Jacobs is the softest RB in the history of the game. a dude that big shouldve been mauling people instead of tiptoeing like a p***y.
This guy still doesnt know how to stfu . . . .
Good for him
I could tackle jacobs even after my knee surgery.

dudes a punkass b***h who got carried by a defense
Originally posted by Raul98:
I really think during training camp and part of pre season he was going to have a mayor role in the offense during the season but then he hurt his knee against the texans in pre season and by the time he was healthy James and Hunter had both stepped up. So there was no need for him anymore he had fallen in the depth chart and he didn't fit in our long term plans so he was kept in active. It was a business move nothing personal he should have understood that but instead he chose to complain on twitter and he became a team problem so he had to go. Honestly his best bet would have been was to understand he didn't fit in to there long term plans kept his mouth shut collected his pay checks and Harbaugh would have called him a class act and a good team mate and he would have left here with a good rep. Instead he left disliked by fans and I'm sure coaches and team mates.

Punk ass got hurt by Kareem Jackson for running too f**** high.

Had hopes for the guy. Too bad it didn't work out.
Originally posted by fastforward:
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
because 1.7 YPC.......

He only ran 5 times. One can't fairly judge a player when he hardly hit the field.

Don't take this as a criticism of Harbaugh or Baalke, but I wonder if this was a Baalke's signing, and Harbaugh simply didn't know what to do with Jacobs. The player wasn't quite suited to what Harbaugh wanted to do. And Jacobs got mad because he wanted to play. Because he came back to the Giants and did ok, Jacobs obviously had a little left in the tank.

I for one believed that Jacobs would have been perfect for a plunge into the end zone at the end of the SB game had the 49ers not cut him.


but it was also pretty obvious that he was whispering in LMJ's ear. we don't need someone undermining the players like that. dude was 100% a cancer here and needed to go. you earn you playing time in practice.
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