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Not being a homer but Steve young and Tom Jackson are the only two credible guys they have to me

Dilfer's not bad either even though people got upset earlier in the season when he said Kap can't go through progressions...go figure. Golic and Schlereth arent bad either.

Honestly, just looking at the NFL "analysts" and not the entire sporting package, ESPN >>>>>> NFL Network. I just get the feeling that the NFL Network guys (Heath, Deion, Irvin, Dukes, ect) always have some sort of personal agenda going on. Instead of trying the breakdown film and give us an unbiased take, they just talk out of their asses. Basically no better than famous fans with a microphone.

BTW don't get me started on the CBS or FOX game day crews. How corny/cheesy can you get?! Your demographic doesn't have to be +55 year olds.
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