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IF we win Sunday who would you rather play in the Super Bowl

I don't like jumping ahead but with the afc game being first who are you rooting for ?
Peyton Manning in another 55-10 blowout
Broncos, no question.
ill take whoever, both hall of fame qbs but manning has been annoying as hell for a few years so i hope we beat his ass
We would beat both teams
I feel we'll destroy the broncos d, something about the pats this year makes me uneasy. I can definitely see some magical bs "oh this is Brady's and belichicks best year with all the injuries." Some Cinderella crap, but then again I feel we can move the ball on their d as well but it's Brady even with scrubs that can be troublesome especially those shifty wrs like Edelman and amendola who killed us when he was a ram. I think we'll stop their run game, for Pete's sake they were playing the colts d, all this oh they got a running game now is over blown until they play a legit d.
Broncos, but we would beat either one.

Peyton has had way more playoff stinkers than Brady. The Patriots seemed to have re-discovered that running the ball and being balanced helps you win championships.
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Will be an interesting match-up top notch defense vs a top notch offense. I don't agree with the oddsmakers Seattle and Denver are basically co favorites to win the Super Bowl, I think San Francisco plays New England for all the marbles. While I am confident about beating the Seachickens Sunday, the idea of playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl is scary. Don't care about all of Peyton's records Brady is the best in big games since Joe Montana.
it really doesnt matter to me, and never has in any of our seasons going to the show
Pats, because with all the possible retirement talk, I have a feeling playing the Broncos could go a lot like playing the Ravens last year (refs willfully ignore penalties by the Broncos) so Peyton can go out on top.

And also because the Pats are probably much easier to defend. Brady is a beast true, but Denver's receiving core >>>>> the rest of the NFL.

Broncos. Hopefully the weather will be cold and the wind blowing. The Niners have proven that they can play in the frigid temps and Manning often struggles with that.
It doesn't matter.

Probably Broncos and end Peyton's career with a 20 sack game.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
It doesn't matter.

Probably Broncos and end Peyton's career with a 20 sack game.

LOL, nice.
I just hope the game is called fairly and not slanted towards the two league icons Brady and manning.
Manning turns us down to go play for the Broncos? Sounds like poetic justice to me.
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