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To be honest, I see much more respect for the Niners and the game in general on the Hawk site right now than I do here. Maybe it is just that the Seahawk threads here are where it is acceptable for the Niner fans to get out all of their Hawk hatred. That is useful, no doubt.

I have to remind myself when I'm on here, that this is the Niner board. But I will say between .Net and here. there definitely feels like there is a lot more animosity and hatred towards the Seahawk fans versus the Hawk fans feelings on the Niners on .NET. In general on .NET I'll see hawk fans refer to Niner fans as Whiners and Ninnies, and refer to webzone as...webzone. That's about it.

On here I mean there was like a 20 quote long string that was nothing but people saying "f**k the seahawks". And these are also very common posts "gay ass 12thman", "seaf*gs", "Seahags", "p***y fans". etc. etc. etc. Again I understand this is the NINER webzone, but seriously it does take a lot of thick skin to read the animosity on here towards Seahawk fans while maintaining my cool and understanding where I'm at sometimes. Especially when people write about how the portrayal of the 12th Man in the Beats commercial is exactly how all of us are, because I'm one of them, and I'm a family man and peaceful man. So it's sometimes a little insulting to be thrown into a category of downright violent and unruly.

The game will be amazing. As a fan, I am nervous. The Niners are the hottest team in the playoffs, Seahawks have looked lights out on D, but lets face it the offense has cooled and if Harvin doesn't make it through the Concussion Protocol my confidence level is somewhat muted. I am glad it's at home though. Vegas has us at +3 I think. I have it at 50/50, +3 if Harvin can play.
I think there is a lot of hate here right now...the problem is a lot of it has been earned. The folks in this thread you included have proven to be the exception not the rule. Two seasons now and there has been an endless stream of Hawks fans comming here and the first words out of their mouth are very often caustic trash. And it isnt even limited to this sight everywhere I go that there is a Niner article and a comments section there is a Hawk fan there trolling it. I dont go over to your sight an behave like fact I dont go there at all...but I know what I see here and the behavior of many of the guests here has directly contributed to our anger if not outright caused it. I didnt have any issues with your fan base just a few short years ago, now I find myself restraining agression even in normal conversation with those of you who are fair and for the most part respectful....and I consider myself a pretty level headed dude, now imagine one of our more agressive or unhinged posters and how he retaliates. It is never rational to hate a whole group of people for sure, but sometimes when you are constantly being attacked it is hard to behave rationally.
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Youre almost at 1000 posts on a 49ers forum. Is there a reason you post here as opposed to a Seahawks site? Just wondering, I dont mean anything negative by it.

I think I registered years ago at .net but, for whatever reason, just never got into it.

I've always enjoyed getting the rival perspective (and being able to provide mine). During baseball season, I also post fairly regularly on an Angels board and a Yankees board, as I claim the Hawks as my first sports love and the M's as my true sports love (obviously, "first" is trumping "true"by a wide margin at the present time ;-) )

Well hopefully the 2013 Seahakws will end up like the 2001 Mariners.
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Well hopefully the 2013 Seahakws will end up like the 2001 Mariners.


Kick the Seaslugs' asses all over the C-Lunk!
Originally posted by LisaTwelve:
Thanks guys and Alice.
I try to be a good guest and really think I'm more of the typical Seahawks fan . . . at least every Hawks fan I know is more like me than those others that that are referenced (or sometime actually) here. Heck, I'm actually the only Hawks fan I know that posts on a message board ;-)

I disagree that you are a typical Seahawk fan. First of all, you've been a fan of your team for longer than two years. I live in the Seattle area, and it is humorous to me how many Patriot, Raider, Cowboy, Steeler, and Giant "fans" are Seahawk "fans" this year. My work is full of people wearing #12 jersies to work every Friday, who can't even name 11 members of "their team." Several of the Seahawk "fans" I know are actually Sounders fans who regularly attend Seahawk games for the atmosphere. It drives my om crazy, because she has been a loyal Seahawk fan since Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. The recent winning trend has made people falsely brave and rude. I almost lost my cool at the grocery store because a group of guys wanted to boo my FOUR-YEAR-OLD son, who decided he really wanted to wear a 49er shirt that day. The mob mentality out here is stupid, and it is crazy how many Seattle flags are on cars and houses for the first time ever (or since 2005).

So kudos to you for being an actual fan and representing yourself and your team with class. You are not a common Seahawk fan (in my experience), and that is a compliment.
Thanks for the compliment Wrathman.

Sorry to hear about the incident with your son, it's a shame when "fandom" negatively impacts kids (or, adults for that matter, especially when it rises to the level of violence). I truly hope this is the exception rather than the rule -for any city/fan base. Sports are entertainment, supposed to be fun.

As for the rest, I can't argue with your actual experience, it is what it is. You must just work / hang with a much younger crowd than me ;-) as all the Hawks fans I know have been fans since the beginning (or since they were old enough to cheer if they were born after the Hawks).

But, as I've mentioned before, nothing wrong with folks "jumping on the bandwagon" - isn't that kind of the whole idea? Winning breeds popularity, after all. That said, despite some pretty lean years, the Hawks are going on 12 years of consecutive sellouts with 98% season ticket holders . . . that's a pretty large, old bandwagon ;-)

Just passing by the stadium now on the train on my way to work . . . can't wait till Sunday!
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