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Aikmans Boldin Comment

Originally posted by Stevec9932:
Aikman is Cowboy for life... They had many heated matches with our team.... its like if Richard Shermen becomes part of FOX's telecast... he will hate doing 49er games. f**k Aikman... f**k Emmitt.... f**k Irvin.... f**k Johnson.... f**k Harper..... f**k Woodson..... f**k Haley..... f**k Sanders.... f**k that stuipid ass organization... They are s**t brains and deserve 18 years of crap football

and f**k Seattle as well
Boldin is a tough dude. He was straight beasting today. People can say what they want. The panthers came out and set the tone for the game by playing with an attitude but letting the attitude lead not their play. Boldin just feeds off of that stuff. The Boldin no call vs. the Panther's head but call basically came dow to two things. ON the Panthers one he covered some ground to get there and the 49ers receiver, Crabs, was baking away. Boldin and the Panther were already right there and the panther had an aggressive posture as well. It was not a perfectly offciated game. We got saved by some obviousness on the TD. The refs almost let them back into contention with the roughing the passer call. Aikman has no love lost for the 49ers and probably was rooting for us to lose. I wouldn't expect less. Buck is just a toad who follows along with his buddy Troy. At least they keep it in check better than Chris Collinsworth.
Love Boldin but he and the Niners need to have there heads right. Sherman got J Graham way off his game with the pre game scuffle.
Don't come off with this holier than I attitude. If his teammates made mischief outside of Texas they'd be doing 10-20. How do these networks put analysts like Irvin and Sapp on air. They should open each telecast saying, Me, Me, Me.
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Originally posted by genz22:
Love Boldin but he and the Niners need to have there heads right. Sherman got J Graham way off his game with the pre game scuffle.

that was Graham being the douche that he is.

I'm Jimmy!
Nothing he says deserves more then a page here. EFF him and the cowboys
Originally posted by genz22:
Love Boldin but he and the Niners need to have there heads right. Sherman got J Graham way off his game with the pre game scuffle.

The difference is that those types of intimidation tactics have the opposite effect on Boldin. He actually plays better and you don't want to wake up that beast.
Originally posted by OKC49erFan:
Originally posted by mustangmele:
Aikamns comment was accuarate. Even though I'm a niner fan, I feel the same way. He is constantly talking trash, pushing and yelling at DB's after plays.

Just because he's in red and gold doesn't mean the guy is infallible.

No, he isn't. However, let us not pretend the trash talk was one-sided.
Panthers came out chippy and mouthy from the get-go.
Boldin gave it back to them in the second half.... and they couldn't take it.

I've taken that into consideration. And at times, you're probably right; it is two sided. But when a guy is in a heated yelling match with a DB in every other game it makes that person lose credibility that it's not his fault. It's similar to someone who says they're surrounded by bad drivers. Really? Or is it the person who is the bad driver, not everyone else? That's how I feel about Boldin's confrontations.

Overall I like the guy. He's active with non-profit and that's big for me when it comes to ones character. He's also a hard worker. But on the field he's a bully. But hey, it's football.
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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
I love Boldin as much as anyone but could do without all the trash talking after each catch myself. Getting pumped up is one thing, but getting in your opponents face and talking s**t after every reception is classless and unnecessary to me. But hey, so long as he keeps making plays and wears this uniform, I'll put up with it.
I agree. I keep worrying that he is going to get a personal foul.
Wow, I recall during all the Giants games he covered under the Harbaugh era, the Giants were always talking trash/making s**t, but the dude didn't have much to say about that?

Due to some incidents in the 90s, a player hates the other team. That player is Aikman, and the team is the 49ers.

Fast forward, Aikman becomes a commentator for Fox, covering the niners games.

It would be too much to expect (a joker like) him to be reasonable. So, given this background, & yes it's very annoying...but I'm not concerned about what he thinks or says. Unfortunately we have to listen to him (or not) during the game, but that's about it. Otherwise, nothing more.
Originally posted by Pillbusta:
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Originally posted by baltien:
Originally posted by NinerForLife:
Not sure how Aikman could make that comment with a serious face considering who his top reciever was.

Cocaine Irvin.

......sounds like a rapper lol.

Irvin actually really likes Boldin though

Florida boys


but i think it's more because Boldin is a lot like how Irvin was
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Trash talking only annoys me if you can't back i up.
I mute the TV on Aikman and Buck.
Originally posted by baltien:
Both Buck and Aikman can suck a fat one. Did anyone hear Buck say "we need to get the ball back here and score" when talking about the Panthers?

They made it painfully obvious throughout the game where their loyalties are, so quite honestly I couldn't give a walking, driving, nor flying f*ck about what either one of these dweebs thinks about Boldin. Buck never liked us to begin with, and Aikman is probably just bitter that his beloved Cowboys have been the laughing stock of the league ever since he retired.

49ers against the world. Just the way I like it.

The bold is completely false. The raiders are a part of the league. They clearly hold that (dis)honor.
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