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Good Bye Dan Dierdorf

He was a topflight offensive lineman and formed an impressive duo with Conrad Dobler (the NFL's dirtiest player of that era).
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
wasn't he on Webster?

No, that was Alex Karras

(Looks like Russell Wilson!!)
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Originally posted by GONEINERS:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
wasn't he on Webster?

No, that was Alex Karras

(Looks like Russell Wilson!!)
LMAO !!!!!!! i cant stop laughing. Can any one photo shop wilson's face in there?
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I have no opinion of him... I really dont know jack s**t about CBS announcers lol
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
didn't he just argue that the patriots punter should have just recovered the ball at the 2 rather than get the safety? dumb ass.

He did. His reasoning made no sense.

This. He is a tool and makes no sense most of the time I'm not going to miss him
I'll miss him. He was entertaining in a goofy way.
I remember coming home from the Monday Night game when John Taylor ran those two 5 yd slants for 90+yd td's and listening to the recording of the game and hearing this buffoon say "oh, the 49ers don't want to see the Rams in the playoffs". I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he would say that when the Niners had just erased two 17 point deficits to beat these guys. I guess he couldn't figure out that the Niners were the better team and couldn't explain how the Rams got there hats handed to them by Montana & Co.
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My mom and I used to laugh at him a lot in the '90s for all the dumb or just plain odd things he'd say, and he got even worse in later years, but at least he was fairly entertaining.
CBS has turrble announcers, Dierdorf was one of them
He was a great player, but just so you know, he was no friend of the 49ers, he consistently bashed the organization, even during the super bowl years. He did not respect Montana; frequently making opinioned remarks that Montana was done from 88 on, arguing that he played against better teams. Listen to the full play-by play from Montana's come from behind victory with the Chiefs on Monday night. He bashed Montana the whole game. You'll hear him eating crow at the end… "I don't believe it, now I've seen everything."

Not to mention a total blowhard, but I wish him the best in his retirement.
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Did you guys miss his moronic ranting about the Patriots punter when he took the safety? He made it sound like the safety was a bad outcome when if he kept the ball in play the Colts would have had at least 3 or likely 7. He wouldn't stop running his mouth and Gumbel didn't have the guts to correct him. Looks like he called at least one game too many, he sounded like a complete fool and just kept digging a deeper hole.
Hell of a football player, excellent announcer [really liked him on MNF] and a class guy.
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he was a great tackle on a great o line with st louis. one of the best games i ever saw was 1976. our gold rush face the cardinals, it was the best oline vs the best d line,. we got a close exciting win which made us 6-1. willie mcgee then broke a leg and we ended 8-6. monte clark got fired and we know what took place then. him and dobler duking it out with cedrick hardman and tommy hart on national tv was just classic
i always liked dierdorf, especially on mnf with michaels and gifford. simple put he was a part of my football watching childhood, just like madden and summerall, gonna miss him.
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