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"We want the ball, and we're gonna score."

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Biggest smack talk fail in the history ofnthe NFL. Period.

Originally posted by Stevec9932:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Originally posted by kronik:
That's why I never talk s**t. Confucius once said "It is always smart to bet against the biggest s**t talker"

Do you bet against him?

you kno he picked up all that money

HELL NO he didn't. He had someone do it for him
Originally posted by MrRedDogSF:
Originally posted by MrRedDogSF:
The jinx is on!

If I didn't learn anything that year, 1987 taught me one painful lesson.....

"We're going to the super bowl and we're gonna win!"

This it what I have always thought Ole Timber's Epic Fall!

Plus its also good for a laugh.
haha that was hilarious! Hassle probably didn't know it would get picked up and was joking a bit but even joking like that is still trash talk and he got blasted lol. I bet it really messed with him knowing he had to win or become one of the biggest jokes in nfl history.
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Originally posted by zaghawk:
Supposedly he was joking but got caught on mic.

Supposedly, he wanted Packers to score first
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Originally posted by Muggins:
I was pulling for the Seahawks when that happened. Hell I was pulling for them against the Steelers when they actually made it to the SB.

I hear ya... they weren't as obnoxious as they are now -- BANDWAGON HATERS
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Originally posted by ninerjok:
Hopefully this will be the same quote uttered by Wilson right before he throws a picksix in OT.

That would be funny, but I hope he never gets the chance to say that... I want the CAWK suckers to get obliterated!
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