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DeSean Jackson needs more money to feed his kids

Originally posted by 99problems:
People say he will never win.

Look at his bank account I'm sure he's winning.

Or maybe the rumors of the guy going broke are actually true? He started up a record label and began footing the bill for all his homies to come hang around, have free recording sessions, fly all over the place. Guaranteed Jackson is going into bankruptcy in 3 years or less following the end of his football career. For a guy like him, no amount of money will ever be enough to not burn through.
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He's not even worth his present contract.
Originally posted by kray28:
He's not even worth his present contract.

He wants the best of both worlds...
Originally posted by Tigerlaw:
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Hilarious. Sadly this is the kind of stuff that makes it hard to retain guys. Not just that players are asking for this much (particularly the ones who haven't proven much), but that teams are willing to pay it.

I find it interesting that you rarely here of the Andre Johnson's, Larry Fitzgerald's, Calvin Johnson's, etc asking for money. They just go and prove it on the field. Here Desean Jackson is, 2 years into a 5 year deal, on the day his team was eliminated from the postseason, and he's talking about a new deal. Really? I highly doubt you'd here the same from AJ Green after the Bengals loss yesterday (2 years left). Even with Michael Crabtree, who many on the Webzone believe is a diva, has not said a word about money since his rookie year. Sometimes a player may need to speak up to get what is due (see Frank Gore in 2011), but more often than not, it's just another greedy athlete.


Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson wants a new contract.

The Pro Bowl wideout skipped the team's first voluntary practice of the offseason Monday and no one is sure when he'll join the team.

Johnson has five years left on an eight-year contract worth $60 million that included $15 million in guarantees. The Texans restructured his first contract with two years remaining.

I may have been wrong about Johnson, but I later said in the original post that sometimes an athlete may need to speak up and gave our own Frank Gore as an example. Remember his holdout?

I later posted (a different comment) sometimes it depends on who's the player making the demand. If LeSean McCoy did this, it wouldn't be as big of a deal. I'm sure most people wouldn't even have a problem with Andre Johnson doing it. I don't remember ANYONE objecting to it when Frank Gore did it. I think because it's Desean Jackson, people are rubbed the wrong way.
just look at his instagram. lol
He signed his contract. Loved it the past 2 years when he was being paid to be average but now he has good year and he wants more $? What a joke.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Eagles' Star DeSean Jackson Victim Of Burglary-

We're told they got away with $250,000 worth of cash, $125,000 in jewelry and two semi-automatic handguns.
Lol $125k in jewelry.
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