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Wild Card Weekend - Day Two

what the f**k kind of decision was that
Omg another pick lol
Holy s**t he stinks.
Potato lol

Rodgers and Kaepernick. Oh the irony
Time to scout qbs in cinci
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
It's his job to turn perennial losers into winners and he hasn't won 1 playoff game in 11 years he's been there. On top of that they have a lot of talent and losing to the 6th seed at home is unacceptable

Like i said, three straight playoff appearances are winners in their book. You forgot that they're the bengals, a team that didn't make the playoffs in 15 years(slight exaggeration) He's the coach that was one phantom PI call on the Browns against the Patriots that the bengals would've the first round bye.

And that pick that dalton threw was on marvin too, huh? Well, i personally think that Lewis should coach there as long as he wants. Just like Kubiak, i think it would be a mistake getting rid of a coach that takes you to the playoffs.
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23 year playoff drought about to be extended to 24

Bangles might think about a change at QB.
How can a QB potato this hard in the playoffs? Kap would never do this even with his rare stupid plays.
Andy Dalton is a pick machine.
i don't understand Dalton. He's good in the reg season but goes all potato in the post season. He's the opposite of Eli Manning. (well kinda)
Roman just called a fullback dive on 3rd & 1!
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