The San Francisco 49ers 2017 NFL Draft selections

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Wild Card Weekend

over the last 20 years, the Chiefs are the greatest collection of backups ever.

whatever works for them.
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C'mon punch this in
That's where you miss Charles
So they suck in the redzone too?
Ricky Jean!
Damn Knile got stuffed.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
bowe....not very impressive.

Now Bowe not getting in looks huge
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Field goal from the 1? Lame.
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What a waste of possession.
Damn it.
Sucks that the Chief's MVP is out. That would have easily been a scoring drive if he was in.
haha looked like bowe tried to stiff arm his own man
Wow! Nile Davis had a little hole to the right to the end zone had he kept his head up for a second push.
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Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
Now Bowe not getting in looks huge

He had his teammate right there for the lateral too.
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