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Wild Card Weekend

  • Wodwo
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Who needs Charles?
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Nobody has hands on the floor alex

Purposeful throwaways.

And 79 yards.
Thought 17 was jenkins?
Wow I hope our secondary doesn't suck that bad tomorrow.
Oh god I thought it was ah Jenkins at first
Just brutal...
  • Jiks
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Alex baby...
Damn Alex looks sharp
Won't throw deep....lol
That was an insanely good pass
  • sfout
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damn son Alex to Donnie
Originally posted by Dajanksta:
Oh god I thought it was ah Jenkins at first

lol, me too.
DAMN!!! What a pass by Alex! His arm looks to have gotten even better. Good for him!
Wtf Alex throwing deep!
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Thought 17 was jenkins?

He was on our team.