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Conferences and divisions are stupid

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What is the point to dividing teams up into conferences and divisions? All you're doing is setting up situations where 11 win teams miss the playoffs while an 8 win team gets in. And the b******t of an 8 win team hosting a playoff game against an 11 win team. Or what happened in the 90s where the NFC championship was the real superbowl.

It seems it originated from the days when teams traveled around by bus, but in the modern era the travel time is inconsequential. The NFL could use a computer program create the annual schedule based on the records of teams from the prior year, attempting to get the strength of schedule even as possible amongst all teams. Seed the top 12 teams with the top 4 getting byes.

They keep the divisions for the rivalries. Imagine us right now without sea to hate on. It
Wouldn't be as fun.

I remember the old NFC west when we had rivalries with the Saints and Falcons and Rams, lol. I think they should do something with the playoffs though, maybe strength of the division, trumps mediocre record, something like that. I would definitely be in favor of doing away with divisions, maybe like they have a qbr (quarter back rating, they could have a rivalry schedule rating system, where four games are scheduled throughout the season between other teams that has a high rivalry schedule ratings (this could also be voted on by the fans in the previous years probowl player ratings as well), something like this might would make better sense compared to what is out there now. Why not have a flex system in the league alignment as well, so that we could have a superbowl of for example, the 49ers versus the cowboys? This would make it a lot more interesting, at least to me.

I think it's more interesting now. The battles going on at the end, teams hoping this team does this and that team does that just so they can get in (see the Cardinals). More drama at the end of the season. Even with the playoffs, look at our matchup: If the Packers were coming to the' 'Stick, do you think ANYONE would give them a chance? Makes this game more interesting. I also like the fact that we get a chance to exorcise our final playoff demon verses the Packers (beating them in Lambeau).
At the very LEAST, keep the current system intact with one little caveat:

- If the two teams meeting playing in the Wild Card round played head-to-head in the regular season, then the team that won that regular season matchup is awarded home field advantage in the Wild Card matchup -- IF they finished with a better regular season record than their higher-seeded Wild Card opponent.

If its two divison rivals that split the series? Give it to the division winner. If it was a regular season tie? Give it to the divsion winner. Division winner retains all the rights and privalges they currently enjoy with that lone exception.
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