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What the Seattle Loss to Arizona Means.

Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Yeah but now the pressure is on the 49ers not to choke vs the Falcons MNF. Once if the 49ers win tomorrow then Im gonna be the biggest Lamb fan on the planet

They won't. They'll win easily
Originally posted by Matt94520:
Wish I had a still photo of that to post on the forum

Really. That would be funny!
Just getting our hopes up. No way they blow it against the Rams unfortunately
I was hoping they'd go undefeated at home. Now they know they're not unstoppable at home and will be prepared. I wanted us to surprise them in the playoffs. Which we will.
It means this guy is going to have a sad Christmas. At least I think that's a guy.

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Play around with playoff scenarios:

SF can win the division (if SEA loses to the Rams) and get a 1st or 2nd seed (depending on if Carolina beats the Falcons next week).

I think the most likely scenario is that we get a 5 or 6 seed, heading into Dallas for the first round of the playoffs.
Originally posted by Black24Razor:
Hawks have had trouble against tough defenses all year...Carolina, Rams, Cards, Houston, the Niners...They are not invincible, as I was beginning to believe. Go Niners.

Yet, they went 5-2 vs those you mention and, oddly enough, didn't have a hard time vs the Cards IN Arizona. Go figure.

Rams will be tough . . .
Seattle Seahawks ‏@Seahawks
Wilson: "Last game of the season is a championship game. Does it get any better?!" #STLvsSEA

Well, to tell you the truth Russell . . .
it would have been better (and more "comfortable") to win today
It means that Stan Kroenke needs to buy his team a lot of x box 1's next week. Look how the colts responded today... ,
It was that billboard that got in Seattle's head today
It means the game against the Cardinals might get flexed to Sunday night.

Originally posted by Matt94520:
All of a sudden I am really liking the Rams for this next game against Seattle! Go Tavon Austin!

Rams should get a big confidence boost after watching the coaches film of this Seahawk loss. But with nothing to play for (besides revenge), I'm not sure they can pull off the upset. I think Clemons will throw less than 4 interceptions though so who knows?
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SEA choked! Rams play for pride next week
Originally posted by darkknight49:
Originally posted by JD81:
Do we clinch a playoff spot with a win tomorrow night? Or since AZ won, do we have to win out?

win and in. Win out and get #5 seed. Win out, seattle loses out, we get #2 seed. Should Carolina lose to Atlanta next week, seattle loses out, we win out, we get #1 seed.

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
It means this guy is going to have a sad Christmas. At least I think that's a guy.

what all of this says,

the nfc west sucks. this is that division where it makes you disagree with the current format. all 4 teams are playoff caliber, and the rams are set up to be WAY better over the next few years. they could have two top 10 picks, likely top 15 though.

how they use them is intriguing. do they trade down and repeat the RG3 trade, i think this will be the rouet.

and then i think they replace the seahwks as a young team full of studs with a 3-5 year window.
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