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Week 16 Game Day Thread

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Let the games begin.
Go Dallas
Go lions. Screw the Bears. Likelihood of hawks dropping two in a row at home is low so gulp, go hawks!!!
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Go Dallas

At my parents house for the holidays, they have cable and I haven't watched ESPN or NFL Network in years. At first it was cool but they talked about f'ing Dallas every other subject. Their talking about Dez right now and on the tabs on the side it has 3 things Dallas related.

All these fantastic HUGE games today and 1 mention of the 49ers, and no mention of KC, Denver, Seattle(can live with that) at all.

How do people watch this s**t?

Edit: Oh nice they had Alex walking into the stadium... Followed by some more Dez sound bites.
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Only one early game with watching.
Hawks Suck!!
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I hate dallas and Detroit
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Michael C. Wright ‏@mikecwright

Filed to ;: Bears franchise DT Henry Melton arrested for assault and public intoxication Sat. in Grapevine, Tx.
Originally posted by RabidNiner:
Hawks Suck!!

Seahawks suck!

The only televised game right now is Broncos VS Texans.

f**k this
You guys check out this link, you can watch what ever game you want, right now I'm watching the Saints and Panthers
We root for the Saints, right?
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Does it make any difference who wins the Saints-Panthers game?

Difference for us that is. I just can not figure out which is better for us.
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