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If you could pick any player in the NFL

to put on the 49ers, who would it be?

I can't decide if I'd rather have Aaron Rodgers or Megatron. I guess I'd roll with Megatron and hope that Kap becomes great like Rodgers. Our offense would be straight nasty with Megatron.
I would take Earl Thomas and slide Reid over to SS.
I would take JJ Watt
Tom Brady
Originally posted by Bluesbro:
I would take JJ Watt

He came to mind as well. I'd go offense though because I think our defense is plenty good enough already.
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Aaron Rodgers.

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Julio Jones!

Him and Kaep would break records.
Originally posted by verb1der:
Julio Jones!

Him and Kaep would break records.

And foot screws
Rodgers fo sho.
No cap considerations? I'd go with Calvin Johnson, easily.
There would be no stopping CJ, Crabtree, and Boldin as a trio on the same field as VD.

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If they had to take the salary along with the player then I would take Josh Gordon.
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AJ Jenkins.


All he does is check down, slant, screen, draw play, playaction bomb where only pass interference gets called and hands it off.
Then the defense is pretty good at takeaways so you have that.

We actually have all the tools to achieve a SB ring, we could use the 12th mans' booming system or a Tony Gonzalez,Gronk,a big time WR like megatron or maybe even a Eric Decker

The only holes we really have is our receiving but if Crabs can comeback to 100% we should be ok.
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