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Week 15 NFL Gameday thread

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Originally posted by Since07:
Originally posted by vaden:
No joke. If they make the playoffs, he even deserves consideration for league MVP. People severely underestimate the importance of kickers. If I was a GM, I'd pay top dollar to have the best kicker on my team every season.

Raiders used their 17th overall pick for Janikowski in 2000

And when was it ever established that Janikowski was the best kicker in the NFL? I'd never draft a kicker nearly that high, because you can't predict how a kicker will perform psychologically in the NFL, as demonstrated by Janikowski's volatility. Tucker went undrafted and so far he has the all-time best fg percentage.
Dez Bryant was mic'd up for their game against the pack. Man, that fkn dude is annoying! STFU! I'll bet at least 50% of the team hates him.
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Is this going to morph into the week 16 gameday or is someone going to start a new thread?
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