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Week 15 NFL Gameday thread

That's a quick 7-0 lead for the Donks against the Super Bolts
Cmon bolts
Rivers is such a spaz lol
I want to punch rivers in the throat
Did anyone see D-Thomas turn that SD CB around? Had him spinning like a top lol.
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I want Manning to break the TD record this year. What is it, 50?
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Originally posted by Muggins:
I want Manning to break the TD record this year. What is it, 50?

Sure would help my fantasy football playoff push.
I'm playing against him, he can break it next week haha. Denver is good, no doubt but definitely beatable. They have not been tested in that weak AFC, the Chiefs gave up over 40 and still had a chance. Their D just is not good and if you can rush Manning a bit he does not have the arm strength he used to have. He can set all the records he wants but we can beat teams like this and have done so (Saints, Packers, New England, etc.)
Mike Adams safety for the Broncos drafted by the 49ers, played from 2004-06.

Let's just say if we played in the AFC or AFC West, I don't think Kap would have gone through any sort of "slump".
Hope Manning and Moreno go off (fantasy fball implications)
That was f**king awesome!
That's how you finish a play! Good heart from Allen there.
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I really don't see how Denver can go all the way this year. If they run into ours or seattle's defense I just don't see it.
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