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RG3 shut down for remainder of the season, Cousins to start

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People are putting this on Shanahan, but I don't discount the competitive nature of a player want to be out there on the field, even if it means he is not 100% healthy. This one should be on RG3 also. This is very similar to Alex Smith with his injured shoulder. Except Nolan went a little more retard in trying to get him to play. And I see that whole situation as partially Smith fault too for wanting to come back earlier for playing time.

shanny didnt want him in the first place. this is all on snyder. snyder rushed him back because he traded so much for him and spent all that money on "weapons" i dont blame shanahan in that situation but he will get the axe soon too. he also wont fire his son whos a s**tty OC and that will ultimately be his downfall.

Both of these positions seem very logical. It should become really obvious in the off-season what happened or who made the decisions. If Shanahan keeps his job, unlikely as that is, it will indicate Snyder admits he blew it and Shanahan is not to he's gone. If Shanahan is fired it will be interesting to see how the off-season goes and how many players decide to bail in FAcy.

If Snyder continues to over pay and meddle it will be a bit more difficult to find serious coaches, but money talks--so he will get a good quality coach to ruin.

Shanahan was an excellent OC and a good HC. He had ten seasons with a winning record, several 8-8 seasons, and 2 losing seasons. 138-86 overall. But he had a pretty bright owner in Bowlen as opposed to Snyder in Washington, where he has one winning season and three losing seasons to his credit. How he says Cousins might bring a first round pick if traded...another example of a war of words.

RGIII has become the opposite of what I thought he was--he is not the mature, natural leader but is (or has become) self important, devious and a very destructive factor on the team. I'm hoping there is more to this but I'm afraid he and Snyder have created this mess and will take most of the blame from the coaching NFLN pundits--coaches and ex-coaches tend to stick together.
NFLN--funny show this morning with--

1) Guest Joe Theismann: it's a team decision and both Snyder and Shanahan are great guys. My interpretation but PC all the way from Joe.

2) Former idiot WR from Dallas: Shanahan has had the same thing happen with four different's him.

3) Rick Reilly: It's a battle royale between Snyder and Shanahan with RGIII caught in the middle.

4) Rich Eisen: Nothing helpful.
Shanahan has alienated his own son now as well. What a tard.
Foreskins and the cowgirls won't ever win a ring as long as jones and snyder remain owners.

This makes me happy that we have young jed runnin the show.
Drakes' cousin.
Snyder is a joke.

He ALWAYS trades away draft picks and over pays for free agents.

Should have started Cousins week one and built up his trade value while RG3 healed.
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Snyder is a joke.

He ALWAYS trades away draft picks and over pays for free agents.

Should have started Cousins week one and built up his trade value while RG3 healed.

The ghost of George Allen has inhabited Snyder...(insert eerie music here)
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