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josh mccown looks familar

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wish we had a qb like McCown

pretty much the posters reason to make this thread.

McCown has been playing great the past couple of games..but he does have more of an under achieving history
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is he the same guy the niners signed while he was coaching high school football a few years back...

it also appears marc trestman has learned something about a passing game since being the o.c. for the niners

U wot mate?

49ers had the #1 passing offense under Trestman. Jerry Rice had the single best season of his career with Trestman calling the plays. And he was the only 49ers OC of that era to get it done without the benefit of a running game. BRB, going from Roger Craig to Ricky Watters to...........Derek Loville?

Looking back he was not nearly as bad as i thought at the time. I just remember thinking he was the worst, probably because he wasn't Holmgren or Shannahan. But the reality is they never were able to overcome the loss of Watters and in the end that doomed that offense, despite having the #1 passing attack.
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Passing game was never really the problem when trestman was OC (JR had one of his best seasons in '95, trestman made even Grbac look good when he had to start, and of course Young was still Young when healthy). What got trestman canned was the running game and the team never being able to replace Watters from 95-96...ironic that it was too late by the time garrison Hearst was signed, Seifert regime had already given way to Mooch

there where lots of oline injuries that year...

I don't remember if we had the conversations on the old webzone board or if that was on the contra's old forum...but it was a crazy thread war...treshman did not suck...he just wasn't bill walsh, mike holgrim or shanny

I still think the NFL would be over if Shanny could get VD and Westbrook.

Shanny would turn that in to sharpe and Ricky watters 2.0 no team could deal with it.
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